An Alien for Christmas (Empaths of Lyria)
Empaths of Lyria


The best gifts come in big packages.

Meet Kathleen: a thirty-six-year-old Plain Jane extraordinaire, with a Ph. D in Xenobiology and another in Spinsterhood. This year, yet again, her sorry self is stuck working on Mars for the holidays. Aside from dodging the unrequited attentions of a certain cringe-worthy bachelor on the station, she mentally prepares for yet another lonely and boring Christmas.

But when her sister sends her an early gift in the form of a drool-worthy alien hellbent on fulfilling her every desire, Kathleen isn’t so sure she wishes to stay off the naughty list anymore.

Beautifully written with serious thought and depth, and a few chuckles along the way.

Davette Spencer 

I sooo enjoyed this read! Great world building. Anders pulled at my heartstrings, I loved how the emotions could be felt. 

Kathleen Engelman

Really great read - giggle/snorted a few times. Loved the world building.



Worf (An Alien for Christmas)