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Xian Warriors


Book 5

A love baptized by fire.

As the most unique psychic in the galaxy, Sabra is eager to join the Vanguard, the powerful army of the genetically engineered Xian Warriors. Her desire to be assigned as Chaos’s Soulcatcher takes on a whole new meaning the moment their eyes meet, forming an undeniable bond between them. But before her training is complete, her powers unexpectedly reveal an unfolding drama that threatens the stability in Coalition space, and she is thrust into a deadly game of divided loyalties.

As co-leader of the Vanguard, Chaos has devoted his life to defending the galaxy, convinced there is nothing else for him but war. Yet, the day he meets Sabra, he immediately recognizes his soulmate. Duty demands he bring the stunning and dauntless Empath on a perilous mission, but his hearts command he keep her safe. The last thing Chaos needs is to relive a nightmare from his past when his Kryptid archnemesis endeavors to destroy everything he holds dearest.

Will Chaos lose his soulmate before their future has even begun?


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You know when you can't put a book down? That was this book!!

Nancy VanSpunky Reads

Adventures,  love, friendship, battles, fights, hot sex, psychic powers, evil  creatures and unexpected allies… everything so wonderfully well written.  A totally worthy story.





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