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Empaths of Lyria

The best gifts come in big packages.

Meet Kathleen: a thirty-six-year-old Plain Jane extraordinaire, with a Ph. D in Xenobiology and another in Spinsterhood. This year, yet again, her sorry self is stuck working on Mars for the holidays. Aside from dodging the unrequited attentions of a certain cringe-worthy bachelor on the station, she mentally prepares for yet another lonely and boring Christmas.

But when her sister sends her an early gift in the form of a drool-worthy alien hellbent on fulfilling her every desire, Kathleen isn’t so sure she wishes to stay off the naughty list anymore.


Limited Time Anthology!


Multi-Author Anthology

Satisfy your craving for something both sweet and dark with this TASTE of ten full-length novels from your favorite USA TODAY and Internationally Bestselling authors only available for a limited time!

We are sure to please every palate with ten indulgent novels filled with dashing princes, evil conquerors, heroes, anti-heroes, star-crossed lovers, billionaires, and barbarians.


- Born to be Bound by Addison Cain
- Taken by Natasha Knight
- Captive Vow by Alta Hensley
- Fight Me, Daddy by Zoe Blake
- Renegade by Myra Danvers
- Sir Loin of Beef by Vanessa Vale
- Doom by Regine Abel
- Cut & Blow by Ashleigh Giannoccaro
- In Too Deep by LK Shaw
- Prince’s Bride by JJ McAvoy


New Release!


Blood Maidens of Karthia - Book 1

She was a pawn coveted by kings.

From the moment of her birth, Thalia has been groomed to become a Blood Maiden to a vampire. As a human born in one of the colonies of Karthia, Thalia’s extremely rare blood type is her ticket out of the life of poverty and hardship that normally befalls her species. During her first Blood Fair, she intends to entice the Vampire Lord Konstantin into claiming her. But unable to resist an unexpected offer, her long years of hard work and carefully planned future are derailed by a stunning, silver-eyed Lycan named Drogo.

Struck by a rare but deadly illness, King Drogo’s only chance of survival relies on securing some golden blood. Yet, the moment he sees Thalia, the rabid emotions the clever female awakens in him surpass even his thirst for her unique blood. But the Lycan King’s efforts to claim Thalia as his mate revive a century-old rivalry with his nemesis, Konstantin.

As the realm braces for a cataclysmic event, the clash between the two most powerful males of Karthia escalates. Will the battle to claim Thalia bring about her ultimate demise?


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