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Xian Warriors - Book 7

She survived against the odds…

Janelle’s life is defined by a crumbling, underground research base. Imprisoned for twenty years after the base was bombed, she and the few Creckel survivors are running out of time as the last of their resources are depleted. With no hope for rescue, Janelle and her companions wait for the dreaded Reaper to finish what the bombs missed.

Half-human, half-Kryptid, Reaper is part of the Vanguard—an elite peacekeeping force determined to help the survivors left behind by war. New intel leads him to a remote research base where he discovers Creckel survivors—and a lone human woman, the first to awaken his dormant mating glands.

Janelle’s life hasn’t prepared her for the breathtakingly stunning, genetically engineered warrior. His words, filled with impossible promises, make her believe there is a happy place for her somewhere in the world—with him by her side. But is that world too vast? Too strange? Too terrifying… like the shady people that populate it?



Veredian Chronicles - Book 6

No more secrets. No more lies.

For the past eight years, Tevek has searched for his missing mother and sister. But as a top technological mind of Guldar, he is closely watched. And as one of the secret leaders of the rebellion, he must tread carefully. When the Emperor sends him on an urgent mission that will allow him to reunite with his family, the last thing he expects is to cross paths again with the breathtaking Veredian weapons expert that had captured his heart the very first time he saw her.


Ashara cannot believe the Goddess’ twisted sense of humor. Her entire life, she has waited to meet her soulmate, and he’s not only a freaking Guldan but also the son of one of the cruelest slavers to have oppressed her people. And yet, he’s everything she could want: smart, strong, heroic, drop-dead gorgeous, and completely crazy about her. However, his bloodline soon becomes the least of their concerns as countless assassins escalate their efforts to eliminate Tevek and thwart the prophecy surrounding him.


As every dark secret is revealed, families and friendships tested, and alliances reshaped, will Ashara be forced to choose between her mate and her people in this final showdown to defy Fate?

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