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Hands of Fate

Veredian Chronicles 5

Caught in the twisted games of Fate.

Thirty years ago, Xevius defied his orders by refusing to assassinate the woman who would birth the future mother of the Veredian Titans. Today, his government demands that he atones for that failure by ridding the world of those children before they grow even more powerful. While on that mission, he feels the pull of the Tuning—the psionic call of his true mate. To complicate matters, his woman turns out to be the military leader and protector of the Veredians.

With tension rising between her people and the Xelixians, the last thing Kamala needs is a Korlethean assassin hunting the Veredian children. Attempting to eliminate him first should be an easy decision, except for the fact that he’s her soulmate. Swaying him to their side could be the key to solving many of their problems, but at what cost to him and his people?

As dire visions and prophecies multiply, Xevius is torn between his conscience, loyalty to his people, and his love for the woman who has captured his heart.

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Release Party

Hands of Fate (Veredian Chronicles 5)

July 14, 2019


Join me and twelve fabulous Sci-Fi Romance authors for an out of this world Release Party for Hands of Fate! We'll have a full evening of fun and games, exclusive giveaways, and more!

Sunday, July 14th 

4:00-10:30 PM EST

Veredian Chronicles Box Set

Still need to catch up on the Veredian Chronicles Series before the next book comes out? Grab a copy of the box set and save $2 the cost of buying each book individually. The set contains:



- Escaping Fate (book 1)

- Losing Amalia (book 1.5)

- Blind Fate (book 2)

- Raising Amalia (book 3)




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