Dark Swan (The Shadow Realms 0.5)
The Shadow Realms 0.5



Elianna is the ugly duckling of the Swan family, the youngest daughter amidst her three gorgeous and loving sisters. She's used to being overlooked until the day the circus rolls into their quiet little town of Willow Grove. The crew only has eyes for her while she can't get hers off their boss.


Thoryn feels her presence before he sees her. The others have too, especially Ken. Thoryn must move quickly and bind her to him before another claims what was always meant to be his. And his she will be, for eternity.


This novella is the intro to my new demon-shifter paranormal series The Shadow Realms.

This prequel is a great start to a new series. Elianna and Thoryn have amazing chemistry and the writing is superb.

Tiffany Cox 


Humans, demons and shifters oh my! Who could have thought traveling circus men could be sexy! 

Samantha Hanson - Reviews by Reds


I loved the huge amount of sidesplitting situations, sexy and hot romance, and the happy ending.

Nero Seal - Author


Dark Swan (The Shadow Realms 0.5)
Dark Swan (The Shadow Realms 0.5)
Dark Swan (The Shadow Realms 0.5)