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Xian Warriors


Book 9

What is dead is never truly gone.

When  she embarks on a rescue mission in an abandoned lab, the last thing  Kate Lewis expects is for a long dead Xian Warrior to rise from his  ashes. Then he claims she’s his soulmate. Although she doesn’t doubt his  sincerity, Kate cannot help but question the truth of his words. The  mysterious and tortured man awakens an irresistible passion in her, but  as the team’s Chief Medical Officer, she must keep her wits about her  and remain professional. Who even knows what he is now? 

Xenon has risen from the endless nightmare of having a fractured soul.  Now he realizes that six years have gone by and that the world has moved  on without him. Worse still, he barely recognizes the man in the  mirror, the experiments having desecrated his body with countless traits  of the hated Kryptids. Kate’s fierceness and tender support keep him  from giving in to madness. She doesn’t see him as a monster, but a man. 

Surrounded by danger, abominations, and traitors, the team must contend  with the betrayal of former allies. Did Xenon return only to lose the  one female who gave him a reason to live?


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I  love this entire series but especially loved this book. She has it all  from complete and diverse characters to amazing world building and  brilliant plots that suck you into the story line to the point you don't  want it to be over.


This awesome story is nonstop action, death-defying feats, and a slow blooming romance.

Janet Seavey

Spectacular  plot, storyline and further more the sexy bits are hot, seeing everyone  interacting with each other in previous books is a major plus.





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