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Anton’s Grace




Book 1

Revenge is a patient beast.

Grace is in trouble. Her agent and ex-boyfriend, Marcus, has fled, leaving her stranded on the Venus Hive pleasure barge. His creditors want compensation and with Marcus nowhere to be found, they’ve decided Grace will do nicely. Desperate for help, she turns to Anton Myers, the wealthy and ruthless owner of the Hive Network. He agrees to help her. The terms: anything he wants for six months.

Anton has waited a long time for this moment. Grace may not remember him, but he hasn’t forgotten her. Signing herself over to his every command will not keep her safe. A Braxian never forgets a slight to his honor. And Grace will pay… with interests.

Anton's Grace is a twisted tale of unlikely second chances that will leave you squirming in your seat. Can you stomach the darkness?


Anton’s Grace is a dark romance intended for readers over the age of 18. This book uses mature language and contains explicit sexual content, dubious permission and graphic violence that may be disturbing to some people. If you are a sensitive reader then this book isn’t for you.

Otherwise, welcome to Venus Hive!

~Regine Abel


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This is not for the squeamish, faint of heart or easily triggered.

Notes From 'Round the Bend

I haven't read anything this messed up in a while.

Always loves me some books

Intense, disturbing, not of this world story.

Nook Books and More

This is a story I won't forget anytime soon. Wow! Talk about intense, disturbing, then soft and caring.

Sharon Richmond




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