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Twist of Fate


Veredian Chronicles


Book 4

For her, he would endure a lifetime of agony.

First Officer Ghan has entered the final stages of the Taint, the deadly disease that kills most Xelixian males by the age of forty. He is determined to bring an elusive foe to justice before his body shuts down completely.

When tragedy strikes a close ally, he finds his soulmate in an unexpected twist of fate. If only she had revealed herself sooner, she could have cured him. Now, she can only keep him in limbo. Is it too late for them or will fate deal them a new hand?

This new chapter of the epic Veredian Chronicles saga will take you through a whirlwind of gut-wrenching emotions, danger, and passion as earthshattering secrets are revealed, and the bonds of friendship and family are put to the test.


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Loved this installment, feisty, full of fun, love, drama, and spine tingly links to her other book.

Alexandra McCabery

I devoured this book from start to finish even though I haven't read the rest of the series.

Ivy The Book Geek

This saga just sucks me in and holds me captive long after I finish the final page.

Kathryn S.




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