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I Married A Minotaur


Prime Mating Agency


Book 4

Tiny, sassy, but oh so fierce

Rihanna  is condemned to a twenty-year sentence on the most savage prison planet  in the sector for a crime she didn’t commit. On the day of her  transfer, she’s offered a deal to commute her sentence: an arranged  marriage with a grumpy orc-minotaur who has muscles for days, devilish  red eyes, and an insufferably smart mouth. Despite his species’  reputation for being violent brutes, Rihanna soon finds herself drawn to  the gentle giant that lurks beneath his terrifying appearance.

Fearsome, savage, and yet so fluffy

When  the agency informs Zatruk he’s been matched, the last thing he expects  is for his mate to be such a tiny human. With his people rapidly  entering blood rage, and the looming threat of war, he needs a queen to  stand by his side as he strives to save his people, not a delicate  flower. But he soon discovers that behind her fragile appearance, his  little female hides a fierce and dauntless soul, with a sassy attitude  that stirs him in unexpected ways.

With  time running out, will Rihanna be the blessing he needs to achieve the  peace his people desperately desire, or will they self-destruct?


I Married A Minotaur
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I Married A Minotaur


The  unique challenges and love story is amazing. Love the main characters  and that fun push and pull. I can’t wait for the next one.

Geneviene Smith

The  giant fluffy, teddy bear, minotaur orc is my favorite book boyfriend of  the series so far. I'm completely in love with him. This couple had all  the sass and banter. I was constantly laughing out loud at the  hilarious lines.

Tawny Oakland




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