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Xian Warriors


Book 6

The tormented soul of a beast.

Created to be a mindless, bloodthirsty monster, Varnog chose to live an honorable life instead. From the day he joined the Vanguard, he’s only had eyes for one female. Petite and delicate in appearance, she awakens his protective instincts and a deep longing for something he can never have. However, his Linette has no need for protection. The elite pilot and Senior Officer of the Vanguard kicks ass and takes names with the best of them. With the final war against the Kryptid General looming on the horizon, he and Linette are called upon to help prepare the Vanguard and their allies for that ultimate confrontation.

But how can he when his every instinct demands he slaughters those he has pledged loyalty to? How can he persevere when many among the Coalition perceive him and his brothers as no more than the parasites they were born to be? What hope is there when claiming the one female to have ever touched his heart could turn her into an even greater abomination than he believes himself to be?


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Sit back and enjoy this crazy rollercoaster ride filled with adventure and hot romance.

Janet Seavey

Man, I was so  engrossed in all the books. I must say you are one hell of a writer. The  characters were so real to me. You gave us such depth to all the books.  I laughed cried screamed yelled gasped. The finale really was a nail  biter. A HEA for all!! Thank you for a well-written series. YOU ROCK  GIRL !!!

S Lewis

Wow. Give me a  minute to come down from this. Holy cow what a ride. I don't think I  have ever read another book series that has taken me through more  emotions than this one. Thank you for the fantastic journey!





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