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Prime Mating Agency

Scaly, grumpy, but oh so cuddly...

As a third daughter on the farming colony of Meterion, Susan’s future prospects aren’t too promising. A pretty face, top-notch skills, and hard work mean nothing if your dowry doesn’t include fertile lands. With her twenty-fifth birthday approaching, and no suitors even remotely sniffing in her general direction, Susan will be forced to leave the family lands to work as an indentured servant in the capital city. Her only way out is to settle for an arranged marriage through the PMA – the Prime Mating Agency. She just never expected to be paired to a grumpy, massive lizardman, and above all not to grow so fond of his scales and quirky ways.

With everything going on, the last thing Olix needs is a mate, especially a squishy, scaleless, off-worlder with strange ways, and an obsession with farming. He is a Hunter, not a dirt digger. The Seer must have been mistaken when she insisted that, for the sake of the people, he take a mate from the stars. How can such a tiny thing be their salvation? And yet, his Susan’s softness is disturbingly addictive while hiding a surprising resilience.

With his ancestral lands on the line and the future of the clans threatened, could this wisp of a woman turn their fate around?


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Xian Warriors - Book 8

She conquered death. Can she conquer life?

Kwan’s dreams of joining the Vanguard finally comes true. Unfortunately, a recent tragedy dampens the joy of this experience. She hopes that reuniting with her long-time friend Linette and embarking on epic rescue missions will help bury painful memories. However, meeting her team leader—the stunning, bioengineered Warrior named Wrath—throws a wrench in things. The last thing she wants or needs is romance. But on top of being badass, he’s sweet, funny, incredibly supportive... and apparently her soulmate.

Wrath has waited his entire life to meet the one female in the entire universe created specifically for him. Now, she’s here, so close yet unattainable, because as much as he wants to claim Kwan, his dragon blood demands he protect her—even from himself. When the routine mission they embark on turns into a living nightmare, romantic woes soon become the least of his concerns.

Faced with unkillable enemies and the treachery of former allies, will Kwan manage to overcome past trauma to save her team and the man she is destined for?


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