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I Married A Birdman


Prime Mating Agency


Book 3

Her sacrifice could save her people.

Luana’s colony is under threat of an impending attack. As the sole child of their grievously wounded leader, she seeks aid from the only other native species on the planet. Consenting to a marriage of convenience with one of the Zelconians, a peaceful bird-like race, would secure the protection her village desperately needs. As much as that prospect terrifies her, Luana cannot deny being intrigued by the hybrid she is to marry, with his strange eyes full of stars, his majestic wings, and his hypnotic voice.

Dakas is shocked when his soul clamors for Luana the moment she enters their Council chamber. Who would have thought the brewing war would have finally allowed him to find his soulmate? Her delicate and demure appearance cannot fool his empathic abilities. Dakas senses the fire and strength burning within Luana. He’s more than eager to take the human as his mate to serve both of their peoples’ best interests. But he wants more than to protect her village; he wants to conquer her heart.

Can Luana embrace their union despite the circumstances, or will the war destroy any chances they had of a future together?


I Married A Birdman
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I Married A Birdman


Terrific world building, great attention to detail, and a wonderful love story that also managed to make me laugh.


Such a good read but I expected nothing less! This series always scratches the itch you didn’t know you had!!


These  two together are absolutely swoon worthy. It really gave me all the  feels watching these two come together and complete each other.

Cat Hoffpauir




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