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Krygor’s Hope




Book 3

For Family. For Honor.

Discarded by her husband who then sells her as a pleasure worker, Hope secretly enters into an Indentured Servant contract with a strip club owner to avoid being given to an unknown master. But she soon realizes that he has not only conned her into endless servitude, he also has nefarious plans involving her child. Desperate, she turns to a broker to find a new buyer for her contract. As soon as she meets the buyer, a Braxian giant named Krygor, with a fearsome face and the body of a god, Hope knows the Goddess has finally answered all of her prayers.

When Krygor comes to Lilith Hive for business and leisure, the last thing he expects is to fall hard for a delicate beauty and feel so paternal towards her teenaged daughter, both in desperate need of his protection. Hope awakens in him feelings he had banished after getting his heart torn to shreds by his first love. But a broken heart quickly becomes the least of his worries when enemies from his past use his females to capture him.

They shouldn’t have messed with the most insane of the Braxian Berserkers. They may think they have him at their mercy, but Krygor will bathe in their blood for daring to threaten what’s his.


This book is a DARK ROMANCE. Although it is HEA, it contains scenes of graphic violence that may be disturbing to some readers.

If you have triggers, please abstain.


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I was anticipating this book like I was a crackhead looking for my next hit !!!! It did not disappoint.

Serena Buffaloe

I freaking adored this book! It’s an epic read of stellar proportions!

Bubbles The Book Pimp

Another spectacular book in this series. I didn't want to put this book down it kept me enthralled from beginning to end!!

Wickedly Sweet & Synful Book Blog




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